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Comet Goldfish: Types, Growth Rate, Lifespan, Care Guide, Breeding

Comet goldfish, one of the most beautiful goldfish breeds.

Unique and bright colors, fancy tail and a gorgeous veil attached to its body.

What not to like about this fish?

But, as one other pet-keeping, keeping comet goldfish in your freshwater aquarium has its requirements.

In this complete guide, we will tell you about each and everything about how to keep a comet goldfish in your aquarium.

It will be fun.

So, Let’s not waste our time and get straight into it.

All There is to know about Comet Goldfish


The comet goldfish originates from united states but if we say it was first developed in the US then it’s not wrong.

The comet goldfish is well known from the late 1800s. Formally known as Carassius auratus.

Hugo Mulertt who was a government is known as the main creator and founder for the selective breeding technique.

Comet goldfish belongs to the family Cyprinidae of kingdom Animalia.

Due to his contribution today, we have this mesmerizing beauty comet goldfish with us. It originates from the wild Prussian carps.

 They were found in the pond of US fish commission in the late 1800s for the very first time.

Comet goldfish is a very popular aquarium fish. Many fish lovers are fond of it due to its sparkling patterns and shapes.

So, later on, Hugo Mulertt became the first person who introduced the comet goldfish in the market.


Comet goldfish is called comet-tailed due to its single tale. It is somewhat similar to the common goldfish that we have.

But there is 2 major difference with the help of which we can differentiate them from common goldfish.

One is their slimmer and smaller body size in comparison to common goldfish

And the other one is

There long and beautiful tail. This tail is also called the forked tail due to its pointy ends.

The comet goldfish comes in different varieties of colors and scales, which is not common in other households common goldfish.

The main colors include orange, white, yellow, and red and white.

Moreover, these colors are present over the dorsal fins of the fish.

Types Of comet Goldfish:

Sarasa Comet

Comet goldfish has different kinds but the most important one is Sarasa comet. They have a long veil that floats around their body. We can characterize them by their red and white colors.

 Due to their resemblance with another famous fish “The koi Fish,” their color pattern is known as “Kohaku”.

Tancho Single-tail Comet

Another type of comet goldfish is tancho comet which is famous due to its unique silver color and a red patch over its head.

Growth Rate of Comet Goldfish

Comet goldfish can reach up to body size if 12-14 inches. During the first few weeks after birth, they can grow 50% with each passing week

Which is a very fast rate but as time passes the growth rate becomes slow and eventually, they can take up to 4 years to reach their full size.

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Healthy Comet goldfish have smooth and streamlined scale not rough. Their eyes are normal not bulging out.


 The lifespan of a fish is a very important factor to consider when buying a fish.

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The comet goldfish has a decent lifespan of 15-20 years on average. They are very hardy fish. Due to this fact they can survive extreme conditions and tends to live longer.

Food & Diet

Comet goldfish are Omnivores in nature that means they can feed on green plants, or vegetable and on meat as well.

In meat options, they can have some Small Insects and worms. Blood worms are also bets for their colouration. Mosquito larvae can also be fed to comet fish

As the comet goldfish are omnivores they can also feed on plants and vegetables.

Those may include fruits, Carrots, lettuce, broccoli and algae

Peas, Cucumber and other aquatic plants are best for comet goldfish because they can help the fish indigestion.

One should not feed them more than 2 to 3 times per day and per feed amount should also be less. As digestion is difficult for comet fish.

As with any other fish comet goldfish also requires a good diet for their growth and colorations.


Overfeeding goldfish can cause some serious issues for the fish. The swollen stomach is the most common illness found in goldfish.

This is also called swim bladder disease. This is mainly due to overfeeding your fish.

While the swim bladder disease is not contagious but proper steps need to be taken to treat the fish.

Treatment of swim bladder disease in goldfish

First of all, remove the goldfish from the tank and place it in another tank. A quarantine tank where we will treat that fish separated from other fish.

Now add 2 teaspoons of non-iodized salt and also the equivalent amount of Epsom salt per 1 gallon of water.

Lastly, don’t feed your fish for the next 2 days.  

Some other Illness that a comet goldfish can have includes fin rot which is discolouration or removal of fins from the body.

Another one is Fungal Infection which can be caused due to bacteria or other parasites present in the tank.

Keeping treating the fish tank water with water condition and other antibacterial chemicals


Comet goldfish are very hardy fish and a very active one as well. As compared to other goldfish they are more active and resilient.

They like to explore their surroundings actively. So, you won’t get bored with this fish. Because they will capture your attention with their movement

As they are very fast at swimming, they also become a lot aggressive at feeding times. So, if they are placed with other goldfish that are slower. Then try to put food at different places in the fish tank so that slower fish can also eat without a lot of competition.

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Breeding comet goldfish is an interesting topic so let’s discuss that what goes into this matter.

Breeding goldfish is fairly difficult especially if you are keeping them in a fish tank because they need a bigger space a fish pond will work.

If there are different kinds of goldfish in a pond with comet goldfish, chances are there that they cross-breed with each other and form other varieties.

So, it is advised to only keep comet goldfish in the pond to get the desired result.

The most step in this breeding process is to trigger spawning in comet goldfish. The best way to do is to increase the water temperature.

You can do this by first placing them in colder temperature and then gradually increasing temperature.

The rise in temperature will trigger this process and breeding will start.

To be sure that whether the above step worked. You will see that male goldfish chasing the female and touching female fish stomach.

If successful the female will lay eggs and male will fertilize them later on.

A female comet goldfish can lay up to 1000 eggs in one turn. Now leave the eggs at 25-degree centigrade for a week then they will hatch and you will a have a new poll of comet goldfish.

How to take care of Comet goldfish?

Taking care of a comet fish is essential because fish are delicate animals. A slight change in water temperature, pH level change can cause a severe impact on fish health.

When it comes to comet goldfish. They are hardy as their ancestors. Comet goldfish can survive some drastic condition while other delicate family members can’t bear those conditions.

But still, they are fish and you have to take of them.

Here is a list of things you should keep in mind.

  • Proper feeding time
  • Avoid overfeeding
  • Keep a check on aquarium temperature.
  • Provide enough space for them in the aquarium

A single goldfish requires 40-50 gallons of water. Make sure you thought this through before deciding on buying one of them.

Water Quality for comet goldfish

Whether it is a comet goldfish or any other fish good water quality is essential for proper growth.

The water test is necessary to check the quality of water. To check the ammonia level. pH level and other Important vitals

Water test Kits are Readily available in the market.

Care Level

Comet goldfish care level is fairly easy. As they are hardy and with no specific food requirement. They are easy to keep and will be a nice fish for you as a beginner if you are one.

Next important thing about comet goldfish is that they can grow big. So, before buying one of them make sure you have enough space for them.

If you are going to keep them in a pond then it will be easy as the pond has a lot of space and plant which fish can use as a primary source of food.

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Digesting food is not so easy for the all goldfish especially in winter due to low temperatures so set the feeding amount accordingly to maintain good digestion.

 Tank size

As we have already focused on the space requirement for this fish. Which are 50 gallons per fish?

Let’s discuss why is that necessary

Comet Goldfish can grow up to 1 foot in length and that quite of a size. So, it will need a bigger tank as well. That’s why fish pond works best for these goldfish.

The aquarium can also work if they are bigger. For instance, if someone wants to keep 2 comet fish, he will need a 100-gallon fish tank.

This is necessary for their growth as well.

Another important thing for these fish is live plants because they provide a cover to these fish and make them feel safe.

Try to put some live plants into the aquarium so that fish can get some extra nutrition to form them as well.

There is no specific temperature range for these fish. As long as the water doesn’t get too cold because that will slow down the digestion process in these fish.

Community fish or not

Another important thing to discuss before you decide on buying one of these beauties. That is whether these goldfish are community fish or not.

As we have established that comet fish doesn’t require high water temperature and colder will affect their digestion. So, this fact makes keeping a comet fish in a community tank a bit difficult.

As most of the tropical fish requires warm temperature it can cause comet gold to stress out.

This makes them picky in terms of a community fish.

Compatible Tank Mates

What fish can live with comet fish? What fish can I put in a tank with comet the choosy goldfish?


Let’s get answers

So, now we know that this goldfish is picky is getting along with other fish. But there must be some fish out there who can live with this fish.

Let’s find out, shall we?

A compatible tank mate for comet goldfish

Koi fish

Koi fish can make a suitable tank mate for comet fish unless they don’t get that bigger and have enough space to live. Otherwise, they will eat your comet.

Weather Loaches and rosy Barbs can also make a good tank mate.


Whether you want to keep this comet or not it is up to you. But I am sure that with the about guide you now have enough knowledge to make an informed decision.

 Comet fish can be a great beginner fish as they are hardy and can survive some beginner mistake.

They are beautiful and charming and can be a great addition to your new fish tank.

If you are planning to keep them in the pond even better.

 Let us know about do you keep comet fish in the comment section below? In an aquarium or pond?

Until then Take care and share it now.

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