Top 10 Most Expensive aquarium fish in the world

One might be wondering who is the most expensive aquarium fish? Let us bring you the list of the top 10 aquarium fish which are very expensive, rare, and exotic.  

From the dragon of the aquatic world Asian Arowana to the beauty of freshwater aquarium polka stingray. Including the rare peppermint angle fish with its dazzling beauty and exotic nature. We will tell you all about these fish and how can they break your bank account.

Some of these fish are extremely rare and require a clean and favorable environment. These fish as the title expensive aquarium fish are indeed very expensive.

Few fish from our list requires special permission and certificate even for buying them in the first place.

Important facts about our top 10 Most expensive aquarium fish

FishColorLifespanSizeTank SizePrice
Platinum ArowanaPlatinum12-15 years5 feet300 gallons$400,000
Polka Dot StingrayBlack or brown with a white dot8-10 years1.6 to 1.8 Feet400 gallons$120,000
Peppermint AngelfishWhite and Red12-15 years3-4 inches100 gallons$30,000
Bladen Basslet  Red and white8 years2 inches50 gallons$10,000
Golden BassletGolden8 years2 inches50 gallons$8,000
Flathead perch Blue and Orange20 years6-8 inches200 gallons$5,500
Neptune GrouperYellow and pink25-30 years6 inches200 gallons$5,500
Iron Butterfly FishBlack and grey8-20 years6 inches100 gallons$2800
Clarion AngelfishBlue and orange35-40 years 8-10 inches100 gallons$2200-$2500
Candy BassletOrange12-15 years2.5 inches50 gallons$800-$1000

So, let’s not waste your time and get straight to our fish list.

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List of top 10 Expensive aquarium fish

10. The Candy Basslet- A striped Beauty ($800-&1000)

At number 10 we have our sparkling beauty Basslet. After even being in 10th position it can still cost you a hefty $1000. A stunning combination of colored stripes makes this fish a jewel. Just spend a hundred bucks and take this beauty to your home aquarium.

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9. The Clarion Angelfish – A truly amazing Fish ($2200 – $2500)   

This fish is known for its beautiful body patterns. A member of an angelfish family. Comes from the pacific coast for Mexico. The asking price for this beauty is around $2500. this rare and charming pattern makes it into this list of the most expensive aquarium fish in the world.

8. Iron Butterfly Fish – ($2800)

Iron Butterflyfish also are known as Wrought Iron butterflyfish. With the official scientific name of Chaetodon daedalma. This fish originates from the western Pacific Ocean somewhere near Japan. Due to its white-spotted black body demands $2800.

7. Neptune Grouper- ($5500)

This Neptune Grouper has one of the most eye-catching patterns that add a great value to its price which is close to $5500. A rare fish that lies in deep water and is not an easy fish to catch. Lastly, we know that every beautiful thing comes with a cost so that with this one.

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6. Flathead Perch – ($5500)

Australian Flathead perch, which is also known as Rainfordia opercularis. Originate for the deep coral reefs of Western Australia. A popular fish and rare one as well. They can cost up to $5500 dollars to get your hands on one of them.

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5. Golden Basslet – A Golden Mini Grouper ($8000)

 Another fish from the Basslet family and another expensive one for sure. Its stunning stripe patterns make it worthy of an $8000 price tag. The best habitat for the would-be reef aquariums. It is a very tiny fish but a beautiful one.

4. Bladen Basslet

Another top 10 most expensive aquarium fish comes from the Basslet family. Now we can say that list of the most expensive aquarium fish belongs to the Basslet family. The official name (scientific name) is Jeboehlkia gladifer. This fish is also the best fit for reef aquariums but you have to pay $10000 first.

3. Peppermint angle fish

Here comes the top 3 of our lists starting with peppermint angelfish. Another one from the angel family. Quiet a contribution from a single-family isn’t it? The official name is Centropyge boylei. The main habitat of these fish is tropical reefs. Their rare presence in the world makes them $35,000 apiece.

2. Polka Dot Stingray

At number 2 on the list of top 10 most expensive aquarium fish, we have the freshwater polka dot stingray. Yes, you heard that right these stingrays are well known for their beauty. Stunning black body with white dots, hence polka dot stingray. Formally known as Xingu River ray. One of these can only be found in the river basic of brazil. Due to its mesmerizing beauty and rarity, one of them can cost up to $100,000 to $120,000.

Excited about who tops the list? Because I am.

1. Platinum Arowana

Yes, folks, it is the platinum Asian Arowana the Dragon behind the glass.

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A fish that is truly a legend in the aquatic world. Moreover, Arowana is a tropical freshwater fish. If someone wishes to buy one, he/she should have to spend a whopping $400,000.


In conclusion, I would say that all of these fish deserve to be on this list. Because of their beauty and mesmerizing in their own way. Their hefty price speaks for their beauty and demand.

In the end, if you want to know which one is my favorite?

I would say Clarion Angle fish is y favorite. Me being a fish lover and hobbyist can’t resist the beauty of those sparkling stripes.

Let me know who was your favorite from the list above.

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