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Betta Fish – Origin, Food, Types, Care Tips, Growth, and Price

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Everything there is to know about betta (betta splendens)

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Scientific nameBetta Splendins
OriginSoutheast Asia
Size2-3 Inches

Betta fish is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. Closely related to Gouramis. This fish belongs to the osphronemidae family, this family is well known for its territorial species. Betta is also known as Siamese fighting fish is famous for its aggressive nature.


Betta fish was a local inhabitant of Asia. Chinese collected this fish from marshes, ponds, ditches, rice paddies, and streams. Moreover, betta was also found in Thailand and Siam.

Their amazing ability to breathe through filthy marshes and ponds makes them survive in a small space. It is accustomed to surviving even without water for some time. To meet the increasing demand for this marvelous creature, locals started breeding it. Their aggressive nature flourished during local breeding.

They bred held in captivity became more territorial, fighting with the tank mates. Although there was hardly any death, the opponent became critical due to exhaustion and injuries.


Betta fish is one of the most widely cross-bred species. It has many different types based on its tail shape, colors, and pattern.

Tail Types

There are many types of this fish based on different shapes of their tails.

Plakat betta

Veil-Tail Betta

Elephant Ear Betta

Rose Tail Betta

Delta Betta

Other tail types

  • Spade Tail betta
  • Double tail betta
  • comb tail betta
  • Half sun betta
  • Half Moon Betta
  • Round tail betta


There is a wide variety of betta fish having different colors. The most popular feature of this fish is its magnificent assortment of colors and mesmerizing display.

Mustard Gas Betta

One of the rarest and most highly demanded betta fish. This fish is a magnificent cross-bred having two amazing colors. Their body is deep-colored mostly blue or sea-green and the fins are mostly light yellow or light green.

Other colors include

  • Blue
  • black Orchid
  • Rose
  • Red
  • Purple
  • White


Based on strips and patterns over the body and the fins the betta fish has many types. Many types of betta fish having a different and striking array of colors and designs are available. All this is an outcome of cross-breeding.

Other patterns include


This fish is generally Small in size, reaching mostly 2-3 inches maximum. Their small size makes them attractive and eye-catching. Moreover, this tiny fish is quite active and entertaining. It has a streamlined body with a widely spread tail and fins.

Moreover, its specialty is having a Labyrinth organ. These organs help betta to breathe without opening their gills. Furthermore, this organ makes it capable of surviving in shallow and dirty stagnated water. Therefore, betta fish is also known as Labyrinth fish.

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What makes betta fish, the most popular freshwater aquarium fish?

The answer to this is it’s BEAUTY. Exhibiting a wide variety of vibrant colors, mesmerizing patterns, and a huge collection of tail shapes make it the unique and most demanded fish on the planet. Its glorious display of colors and small size can attract anyone’s attention.


These fish are commonly known by a variety of names, including The Siamese Fighting Fish. Historically betta was called bettah, meaning warrior, for its fighting and territorial nature. In addition to this, they are also called Labyrinth Fish for their labyrinth organ.

They are known plenty of names including, crown tail fish, comb tail fish, spade tail fish, and many more. Naming your pet fish is exciting and for your fierce friend pick an entertaining, a small, and powerful name like Zeus or sela.

Betta Fish Food

When it comes to their diet, betta fish is not a picky eater. They can eat whatever fits in their tiny mouths. Naturally, they feed on insects, crustaceans, insect larvae, mosquito larvae, and shrimps. Live food is like a treat to them. Being carnivores, plant roots are inadequate for them. They need protein to keep up their pigments.

In the aquarium, they feed well on flakes, brine shrimps, and daphnias. Moreover, they are okay with frozen or dried food. Fish pellets or canned food is also acceptable. This fish highly appreciate live food as it is necessary for their colors and pigments.

One thing to be kept in mind is if this fish is living with other tank mates be careful about their feed. Betta is a slow eater so they might miss their share of the meal.

 According to many fish experts, Their stomach size is equal to the size of their eye, so be careful and don’t over-feed them. They require a tiny amount of food at a time and can even survive without food for some time.

What is the favorite food of betta fish?

They love to eat blood worms, whether, dried, frozen, or live. It’s their most loved food as blood worms completely satisfy their need for proteins and vitamins. Moreover, live tiny food is also pleasing to them.

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Cleaning the tank water

One of the most favorable aspects of keeping these fish is that they are easy to take care of. As they require very little tank space that is easy to clean.

Following water parameters must be kept in mind before keeping betta fish.

Water hardness: less than 25ppm

Ammonia, chlorine, nitrate and nitrite: 0ppm

Temperature: 70-80 degree Fahrenheit

pH: acidic to neutral

Water conditioner

A small bowl with water and few drops of a good quality water conditioner is required for making a nice living space for this fish. Use the testing kits for checking the water quality.


They can tolerate a wide temperature range, room temperature is acceptable. Being tropical fish they prefer a temperature between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore a mini heater is best for them. Lower temperature can affect their colors and their overall health.

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Water filter

One might think for a small aquarium or a bowl there is no need for a filtration system, a plant will do good, well, you are wrong about it. the smaller the tank is the more efficient filtration it requires. Keeping a live plant won’t help but can complicate things further. Using a submersible water filter is the best choice. It can clean the organic waste of your fish. If the organic waste keeps piling up in your fishbowl it might make your fish sick or weak. A sponge can also full fill the purpose but a filter is best.

Cycling the tank

Betta splendens tank should be cycled weeks before putting the fish in the tank. At least 10% of the water should be changed every time. Cycling is necessary because using tap water, in the beginning, can make the fish ill. First, acclimatize the fish to the environment, then use the regular water with a water filter.

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Betta fish tank

Betta fish is small in size, so it requires very little living space. It can even get along well in a small water bowl. Although, no fish should be kept in a space less than a 10-gallon tank. But betta fish is remarkable because it can live in a 5-gallon tank easily. Chlorinated water should not be used. A gravel vacuum should be used for cleaning the tank properly. Strong soaps or harmful chemicals should be avoided.
With That said, it can be established that a 5- 10 gallon tank is enough for them.

Betta fish tank mates

Does betta enjoy the company of other fish?

Although, a betta is well known for its territorial behavior. Still, there is a vast list of tank mates who get along with betta well. Betta fish is most competitive with its kind but it is very friendly toward other fish types.

Favorite tank mates

Following is the list of fish who don’t cause any damage to betta and can even become good friends.

  • Tetras
  • Gouramis (almost their best friends)
  • Danios
  • Rasboras
  • Cory catfish
  • Other live-bearers

Poor tank mates

Some fish can injure betta or even bite their delicate fins and tails. Moreover, there are certain types to whom betta can prove dangerous.

Following are the types of fish who should not be kept with a betta.

Sometimes pet stores misguide beginners by saying that following fish come along nicely with bettas, which is wrong and pet stores must advise this to new fish keepers.

  • Barbs
  • Cichlids
  • Oscar
  • Large catfish
  • Sharks

Why betta love to live alone?

Well, betta should not be kept with other fish of the same kind, because they tend to get competitive. They tend to earn the place by defeating the other betta. They do not get lonely because they enjoy their own company rather than interacting.

Male and Female Betta fish

Most of the bettas available at pet stores are male. There are much difference between the two genders. They vary in shape, colors, and fin shape.

Colors based Differences

Females have more vibrant and striking colors than males. Female betta has a more prominent horizontal flank that makes it easy to separate the two sexes. Besides the domestic bettas also have faded colors in comparison to the wild form.

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The variation in their body shape makes it much easier to differentiate. The female is more plumper and healthy. whereas the male betta form is more slender and thinner. Furthermore, the male has a prominent triangular shape. The female is oval to round in shape and has thicker skin. Female is more easily recognizable once it reaches maturity as they become fat and chubby.

Most Pet store have multiple kinds of Siamese fighting fish (Betta)

Fins shape

An even more recognizable feature is the shape of their fins. A convenient thumb rule to remember is the following.

  • Female: short fins
  • Male bettas: long fins

It is equally applicable to most fish types. The same is the case with betta fish it has longer fins in the male bettas gender as compared to female. Moreover, the female has short and neat anal fins whereas, the male has rather extended and rough-looking anal fins.


Another easy method to identify female kind is the presence of ovipositor. Female has an organ for laying eggs present on their under surface called an ovipositor. This organ is a key to the identification of female betta.


Betta fish is quite an amazing fish to keep. They are cute, active, and amusing. they can even recognize their owners and love to play games with them.

Bubble nest building

With respect to behavior, male bettas are more aggressive and battleful as compared to females. Male has a distinct trait called Bubble Nest Building.

Males generally build a bubble nest with their mouths for protecting their eggs. While females prepare for egg-laying, males build the nest for the safety of their future generations. These Bubble nests are necessary for breeding purposes.

Gill flaring

Males are more impressive when it comes to gill flaring. Males have a beautiful array of beard behind their gill plates which make gill flaring more calming and satisfying. Betta show this behavior as a display of their strength and stamina.

Female also show this phenomenon as a representation of their beauty and delicacy.


How much does betta cost?

Betta fish is an excellent pet, besides the fact that they are easy to take care of, they are quite inexpensive too. A small fish can cost from 4-20$ maximum. Adding up their tank, food, and other care equipment they cost around 40-50$.such a beautiful and elegant freshwater fish for such a low price is truly a gem.

Fun facts

  • One interesting thing about betta is that they are not only beautiful and attractive, but they are intelligent and entertaining too. They can be trained to perform several tricks.
  • Secondly, they are diurnal like means they are active throughout the day but like to rest during the night. So, yeah they do sleep.
  • Another interesting thing is that their males are the ones who raise their offsprings. They built their nests and protect them from predators.
  • There are over 60 morphs of bettas.


I hope that this article covered every aspect of related to the betta the charming fish.

You can now make an informed decision on whether to pet this fish or not.

Also, If you already have one of these beauty then how to take care of that .

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