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Best Types of Fish Tanks for Beginners and How to Choose One?

Fishkeeping like any other hobby has its perks and excitement If one decides to get an aquarium fish, he/she must be very excited and thrilled for bringing their new little friends into their home. This excitement is completely right in its sense. It is obvious Everyone world tey to get the best fish tank for their pet fish. Keeping aquarium fish does not only bring happiness to one’s mind but also makes that person caring.

One must be excited when getting his/her new fish tanks.

But here is the main question that arises, what aquarium you should choose as a starter?

What tank size you should you go for? Because there are many options available in the market right now, moreover with very less knowledge in this very hobby, there is always a chance of making a wrong decision.

So, in this article, you will discover the following to make an informed decision.

  • Best fish tank for beginners
  • Best Tank size for a beginner?
  • Which things you should consider before buying an aquarium?
  • Different Tank sizes and their potential benefits?

So, what is the best fish tank for beginners?

Are you Ready? Let’s begin our Guide on choosing a beginner fish tank.

So, what is the Best Tank Size For beginners?

Whether one of you is trying to get into fish keeping as a hobby or upgrading his previous tank, the main to consider is the tank size.

The aquariums come in different size ranges from 1 gallon to 100 gallons or even more than that. So, if someone is just entering this aquarium fish-keeping hobby, he/she keeps a few things in mind.

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You might be wondering why fish tank size is this much important? but trust me they are very important because the health, growth, and lifespan of your tropical aquarium fish or saltwater aquarium fish depend a lot on this tank size factor.

One might think that keeping a small fish tank, something like 5 is the wise way to go as it will be easy to maintain it but to your surprise, it is not the case. Sometimes going for a large fish tank like a 20-gallon one is the right thing to do.

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Let me explain why?

Like human beings whose environmental conditions affect their health in every way, like more noise pollution and air pollution affect human’s ear and lungs in a bad way similar to an aquarium in the environment of fish. So, we must consider the aquarium’s different aspects accordingly.

How to pick the best aquarium size as a starter?

There are many things to consider while choosing your first aquarium. Like what type of fish, you will be going to keep as fish will eventually grow. Where do you want to put it will determine the tank size as well?

If you are going to keep small fish like guppies, betta, or tetras you can do that with a small size aquarium. But if you want to keep bigger fish like Oscars, parrots, discus, and any other kind of cichlids you will need a bigger tank.

Getting a bigger fish tank doesn’t necessarily mean you can keep more fish but the fish size and kind is also another factor to consider in this regard. Because bigger the fish the more space it requires.

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Where will you place your aquarium?

The best place to put your aquarium is the one where no direct sunlight falls on it. It should be placed from where it is visible and away from doors.

After finalizing the proper space for your aquarium it is time to use the measurement tape and take some accurate measurements. This information will play a vital role in choosing a perfect beginner aquarium.

What are some different Aquarium construction materials?

The next big thing left to decide is the construction material of your fish tank.

There are 2 materials, one is Glass and acrylic. A comparison table is attached below so that you can make an informed decision.

Now that we have discussed some important factors to consider while choosing a fish tank as a starter.

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Let’s see some best Aquarium Kits for kids and beginners.

1. Marine LED Aquarium Kit

Marine aquarium kit is available in 3 different sizes which are all suitable for a starter fish tank. 5-gallon, 10-gallon and 20-gallons, It is an excellent choice as a beginner in this fish keeping hobby.

This kit consists of a glass aquarium with a decent clip-on aquarium filter and filter cartridges. Another thing that is included in the aquarium package is LED light which resides in the lid of the tank.

Water submergible thermometer, water biological supplement and a pack of fish food are also included.

A decent Clip-on Aquarium filterNo heater
Very sturdy glass tankLimited Size Range
Conditioner and Biological supplement are includedNo size greater than 20-gallons
LED module 

2. Aqueon Deluxe LED Bow Front Aquarium Kit

Another unique fish aquarium is Aqueon Deluxe LED Bow Front Aquarium Kit. This aquarium is highly beneficial for fish due to its astounding features. That’s why its the best fish tank for beginners

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Available in 3 different sizes 16-gallons, 26-gallons, and 36-gallons. The aquarium is built from glass and it has a curved front, a LED module, Aquarium power filter and a water-proof submersible water heater.

Some other things that come with it are water conditioner, a fish net and fish pallets.

Aquarium Power filterNo size greater than 36-gallons
Very sturdy glass tankLimited Size Range
Conditioner and Biological supplement are includedNo size greater than 20-gallons
LED module, Heater and fishnet 

3. Fluval Edge Aquarium

Another best fish tank for beginners aquarium kit includes a 360-degree viewing glass panel, a LED Module, A Fluval aquarium power filter, and filter media. This tank is a great option from an aesthetics point of view.

Unique 360-degree designNo size greater than 20-gallons
6 -sided viewing Glass panelLimited Size Range
Silent  No heater, fishnet and food.
LED module 

4. SeaClear 20-5- gallon Acrylic Aquarium Kits

Another unique fish tank kit which is not as complete and comprehensive as some other kits available on this list but still it provides a great deal of quality.

Most importantly is built with acrylic with size which ranges for 20-50 gallons. It includes a 24-inch LED and a backdrop paper.

Multiple sizes up to 50 gallonsNo size greater than 50-gallons
Acrylic is stronger than glassLimited Size Range
LED module, Heater and fishnetNo Heater and filter

5. Tetra 20-gallon Aquarium Kit

This unique aquarium kit is specially developed for a unique and beautiful fish known as tetra fish. The kit includes a 20-gallon fish tank, with a LED, a water filter, a water heater HT20 and some aquarium Plants which are artificial FYI.

All equipment included for a starter kitNo size greater than 20-gallons
Glass built which is sturdyLimited Size Range
LED module, Heater and fishnetSmall filter
Heater for maintaining temperature 


Every other aquarium kit preset on this list has its strong points. In other words, every other kit is a perfect fit for someone out there. But one should measure, analyze and think before choosing his aquarium. SO this was the complete guide about the best fish tank for beginners.

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