aquarium setup for Beginners

Aquarium Setup for beginners | A complete guide

Are you wondering how to setup your aquarium? worry not because aquarium setup for beginners will help you in this regard. With step by step and detailed information with no stone left to turn.

Setting up an aquarium is a fun yet challenging task because one with no prior knowledge about how to set up an aquarium can make things wrong. In this aquarium setup Guide, we will talk about how to set up your fish tank correctly so that you and your fish both can get benefited.

 Establishing a healthy environment for your fish is necessary. Similarly, to establish that healthy environment. One must follow some guidelines. This guide is about aquarium setup for beginners.

So, let’s not waste your precious time and get straight to it.

If you are planning for aquarium set up at home and you have bought your fish tank kit and now more than ready to set that bad boy up. You are excited about it and thinking that you just now have to fill that up with water and put some fish into and that’s it.

Well, you are wrong. Setting up an aquarium for your fish requires the fish keeper to follow some steps. We will be now explaining what are those steps. These steps will explain fish tank set up for kids as well.

So, you are going for a freshwater fish aquarium set up then these steps. These steps must be followed to establish a healthy environment in the fish tank.

Aquarium Setup for beginners | A Step-by step Approach

First of all, you have to take the aquarium out of the box first.

Firstly, you should remove that tank from the box and put it in a safe and flat surface or place. Now the next thing to do is to ready the fish stand or table on which you want to put that tank on.

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Then, apply the aquarium background on the backside of the fish aquarium. These backgrounds enhance the beauty of fish tank. They come in all sizes and design patterns.

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It’s time to test the Light of the aquarium which comes with the aquarium kit. You can test that light by plugging it in socket and turning it one.

Pro Tip

Wipe the inside of the tank to remove any dust particles and other substances

Now you have to put it somewhere don’t you think?

So, you have adjusted you fish tank stand and applied the background on to the tank and tested the light. Its time to place your tank on stand. Placing your tank empty on the stand is much easier than a filled tank.

Pro Tips

  1. Before placing the tank on the stand, make sure the stand is levelled with a level scale. If it’s not on level move the stand in order to make it completely levelled.
  2. Make sure your aquarium is not close to windows, doors, air conditioning or heaters. Because they can cause temperature change and a small amount of that change can stress out the fish.

Well, you have to decorate your fish home, we’ll tell you how to do that?

First of all, rinse all the gravel and decoration piece with hot water to remove any kind of chemical deposit over them. Now place the gravel into the slowly so that it doesn’t damage your tank’s bottom.

Let’s put some water in to the tank

Now fill your tank with water slowly and try placing some plate or bowl in the bottom. Then start pouring water on to that plate or bowl so that water doesn’t become cloudy.

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Let’s Turn on the filter

Now that we have, filled our tank with water its time to turn on all of the electrical equipment. Firstly, we will start with the aquarium filter.

This filter will cycle the tank water and collect any dust particles from the water and purify it. This is a continuous process and filter will cycle

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your complete fish tank water couple of times a day.

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 You can also turn on your aquarium light now but that’s not necessary. Moreover, it is advised not to leave the light turned on for more than 8-9 hours a day. Because by doing so it will increase the algae growth inside the tank.

We have to treat the water now

I have placed the filter inside the fish tank to purify now my job here is done, I just have to put some fish in to it hurrah! Well it’s not the case.

We have to treat the water with some biological water conditioners to kill dangerous bacteria. This will promote the growth of healthy bacteria inside the tank.

It is advised that before adding the biological chemical or conditioner, you read the instruction provided over the bottles to avoid over dosage.

Give Your tank some time to cycle

At the end, when you have filled your tank with water. Installed the fish tank filter and adding the biological conditioner. Its time to leave your tank to cycle itself before putting fish into it.

Pro Tip

Add a small amount of fish food into the tank. It will break down into ammonia and will, in turn, promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

 The purpose of the above step is to establish a healthy environment inside the tank. So, that it doesn’t suffer from the early toxic buildup of harmful substance like ammonia and nitrates

Aquarium setup for beginners and kids

Get your fish tank water sample Tested

When your tank is cycled for a day or 2 then its time to test your fish tank water. You can test it yourself or even take it to your local fish store. Ask them to test it for you. It is necessary because the PH of the water does affect the overall health of your fish.

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The Local pet store will test the PH level of the water and other vitals. Then they will tell you whether the fish tank water is ready to take some beautiful fishes in.

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Now the fun part Add you fish in to the tank.

Your tank is ready now to host some fish. So, you have brought your favourite fish home and you are thinking let put that beauty into to tank. But wait by directly putting your fish into the tank, fish might get stressed. This is due to the sudden change in water temperature and environment. Instead Do the followings.

  1. Place the plastic bag that contains the fish in the tank. Let if float over the surface for some time (10-20 minutes).
  2. After that, open the plastic bag and add some water from the tank into the plastic bag containing fish.
  3. Repeat step 2, again adding some water. This will balance the temperature of the water with tank water.
  4. Next, Gently grab your fish with fishnet and from the plastic bag. Then slowly release the fish into the tank.
  5. See your fish swimming like a beautiful creature inside its new home.

Testing Your Water

  1. Even when you have added your fish into the tank some ammonia. Its traces will come back so it is necessary to keep testing your water.
  2. Secondly, you have to change 15-20% of aquarium water every week to keep the water fresh and environment healthy.
  3. Whenever you change the water in your tank add the prescribed amount into the tank. This will accommodate for the lost biological conditioner.


In conclusion, one could say that keeping fish is a fun and relaxing hobby. Like any other pet-keeping, it has its own challenges and things to consider. The above aquarium setup for beginners guide should provide you with all the necessary steps. One Should follow in order to establish and keep a health fish tank.

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